Adding a Pergola to Your Backyard

A pergola is an outdoor structure than can transform the way your patio or yard looks. Some people may think pergolas are not completed structures since they typically don’t have a solid roof or walls. If you are considering adding a pergola to your outdoor space, there are several benefits to adding this simple structure.

Outdoor Entertainment

Pergolas give you a specific spot for outdoor entertainment. They can be built as an extension of your home to enhance a patio, or constructed as a free-standing structure in your backyard You can set up a seating area under your pergola or if you were having live entertainment, they could set up under it. If you have a dining area set up under the pergola, your guests can eat outdoors with some shade. No matter what the occasion is, a pergola is a great place for people to gather.

Space for Plants

Pergolas are an ideal structure for showcasing plants and flowers. You could add hanging plants from the roof or you could add vines that grow from the ground up intertwined between the boards or a lattice. This makes your pergola extra beautiful and adds color and decoration to your backyard.


Easy to Install

You can have your pergola professionally installed, but if you like do-it-yourself projects then you can find pre-made kits to put one together. They are easy to install with very basic construction knowledge. Building it yourself may not be the best option for everyone, but for those who do choose to build their pergola,

Relaxing and Enjoying the Outdoors

Your pergola is a great place to sit, relax, and enjoy the outdoors. You can sit under your pergola in the mornings while drinking your coffee, or in the evenings while having a glass of wine. Pergolas create a defined space for sitting and relaxing. With a roof, you will also have some protection from the elements. The shade will protect you from the direct sun.