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How to Prolong the Life Expectancy of Your Home’s AC Unit

Repairs to the air conditioner at your home cost an average of just over $500. That is a lot of money to spend to make a repair, especially knowing there are numerous ways to keep the unit working its best, for a longer period of time. Do you want to prolong the life expectancy of your unit?

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First, make sure that you change the air filters in the unit. If they become dirty, it clogs the condenser and air is forced back inside the unit. It will increase cooling costs and deplete performance and efficiency. Filters are inexpensive and easy to replace, so make sure that you do.

Keep Problems Away

Schedule AC preventative maintenance services every year to prevent many common AC problems before they occur. Scheduling this appointment keeps costs low and reduces discomfort and frustration when the summer heat is at its most unbearable. Make sure you call a pro to schedule this service.

Need an AC Repair?

No one wants to endure an AC repair but when the unit malfunctions, it is best that you make the call.  Sometimes problems occur, despite your best efforts to stop them. If you avoid professional ac repair conroe you are left to swelter and suffer in the home. Plus, the costs to repair later will likely be more. Why endure this hardship?

Switch Off the AC

Can you turn off the unit at night? Many people find the cooler temps make it possible to turn the unit off. This reduces the wear and tear on the unit and reduces cooling expenses. Plus, nothing is more refreshing that the cool, crisp outdoor air!

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